Welcome to my blog!  The name’s Justin, and I like Science topics & Biblical research. I currently reside in Toledo, OH, freezing my rear off during the winters; however, I do enjoy snowboarding whenever I get a chance.  Career wise I work for energy companies & do negotiations for the easement buying process; it travels often, but I enjoy the work and often there is a lot of down time. No kids, no girl, just me, myself, and I – no issues with that currently either. My education is from Arkansas State University currently with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree emphasized in Psychology, Geography, Business, and Communications; however, I want to return to Ohio State University for an undergrad in Ancient History & Classics (emphasis in Greek) before I continue on to a Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (GISRAM)  – I want to obtain these degrees and start my publication career within Biblical research. Ultimately, I want to contribute to help conform the line of theology to modern standards, good luck to me huh? When i’m not thinking about religious topics I am probably thinking about science. I hope you enjoy the blog; comments/critique welcome.  For more about me just click on the link under the About at the top.



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